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What is the plant capable of growing on Mars?


Once we have overcome all the challenges involved in getting to Mars, we will then have to figure out how to make life sustainable there, and growing crops will be a major part of that.

And it will require a lot of research, given the high levels of salts and minerals, which make most plants struggle to survive on the Red Planet.

And a recent study published on the “Plus One” magazine website and supervised by a number of scientists from many universities found that the alfalfa plant would be able to survive in the volcanic soil of Mars, and could be used as a fertilizer for growing foods such as turnip, radish and lettuce.

The researchers said: "The low nutritional content of Mars soil and high salinity make it unsuitable for crop growth, so it is necessary to develop strategies to enhance the nutritional content in the soil of the Red Planet and desalinate brine for long-duration missions."