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These famous apps drain your iPhone battery!



Perhaps the most prominent concern of smart phone holders is that the battery runs out quickly, forcing them to charge their devices more than once during the day. However, the problem is when the person is out of the house where the charging process is not available. It has become almost impossible to dispense with phones or reduce their use today.

And if your phone battery loses power quickly, it could be due to so-called “vampire apps”. These are apps that can drain your phone's battery life without you even noticing.

Knowing that all the apps on your phone will reduce your battery life, but “vampire apps” will drain it faster because they can continue to use your internet and location services even when you are not using them.

In this context, Uswitch reported that the “Facebook” and “Messenger” applications (Facebook’s messaging application) are “the biggest drain on the battery.”

These apps can run constantly in the background of your mobile phone, and this drains your iPhone's battery even if you don't use your phone much.

The Facebook apps work in the background to update the news feed on the home page and improve location services.

While this may sound useful, however, if you don't use Facebook much, you may not need to update it all the time. And if you notice that your iPhone battery is draining quickly, this could be the culprit.

Besides Facebook, vampire applications include some other applications that consume battery power, such as Google applications and WhatsApp.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to prevent Facebook apps from quickly sucking battery power from your iPhone.And users of “Apple” devices can stop the application from updating in the background when you are not using it, by following some simple steps.

👉You will first need to go to Settings on your iPhone, then tap General.

👉Next, tap on Background App Refresh.

👉Once you have access to that, you can choose which background app refresh you want to turn off.

You can either turn off background updates for all apps on your phone, or select individual apps to turn them off.