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Here is how to fix the Bluetooth malfunction on the iPhone

 One of the important features that iPhone phones were missing in the past is its work with the Bluetooth system to communicate with various other devices.

There are many reasons that may lead to a malfunction of the Bluetooth system properly on iPhone phones, and the “Business Insider” website reveals a set of reasons that may lead to this and how to address them.

A number of users miscalculate the work of the Bluetooth feature on the iPhone automatically, and while they are using the feature, they must first make sure that it is activated on the phone, by entering the general settings application, and activating the feature.

When activating the Bluetooth feature, to ensure its efficient use, you must make sure that the device you want to communicate with has also been activated, and then confirm that your phone is connected to it by choosing the device you want to connect to through the list of devices in the Bluetooth settings, and choosing Connected.

The malfunction that prevents your phone from connecting to other phones via the Bluetooth feature may be the presence of other devices that are distracting the device while targeting the device you want to communicate with, so you have to delete the other devices that appear over the network, to be able to do the correct connection process.

Exclude other devices

It is necessary to get the use of the Bluetooth system efficiently, to make sure to update the iOS system, to be according to its latest update via the iPhone, so that no obstacles appear while trying to connect it to other devices that may not be compatible with the older updates.